teeth whitening wedding promo

Our Exclusive One Time Teeth Whitening Wedding Promotion

Make your wedding photos vibrant with your love and smile.  

A wedding is a memorable celebration of the love you share with the person you most love. Finding love isn’t always easy but, when you find it, it’s a feeling of ecstasy you can’t shake off even more so when you’re months away from making your vows to spend your life with them. We also know the stress and work it takes to put together all the little details for your special day. Even though we can’t help plan the wedding, we can help you look and feel beautiful on your special day by ensuring your smile is radiant in your wedding photos.     

teeth whitening wedding promo

We’ve got you covered this wedding season! We’re giving an ONE TIME offer of $149 to whiten your teeth up until JUNE 30, 2018. Make sure you have a wedding announcement or documentation verifying your wedding date to get our offer.  

With our offer you will be getting:

  • In-Office professional whitening
  • Take at home custom white trays
  • Excellent care from our highly trained dental professionals
  • A smile couple shades whiter

Safety is our top priority, so before we begin treatment, our dentists will first evaluate the health of your teeth to ensure we can move forward. Whitening your teeth takes time to ensure the safety and health of your teeth. If you’re interested in whitening your teeth, book an appointment with us by fill out this form here.

***UPDATE: This promotion is no longer offered.***

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