Wisdom teeth used for

What Were Wisdom Teeth Used For?

When we’ve been told by our dentist our wisdom teeth need to be removed, do you ever find yourself sitting in the dental chair pondering why we have wisdom teeth that need to be taken out? Most of the time when we think of wisdom teeth removal, we imagine the procedure and the soreness that comes afterward, plus the limitation of foods we have to go through for a couple of days. We know it’s not the ideal treatment when you have to give up eating something you can’t let go of, but sometimes it’s necessary.

Wisdom teeth also referred to as our third molars, don’t always erupted properly. They like to wreak havoc in our mouth especially on our second molars which aren’t pleasant to endure when we start to feel some discomfort and pain. Then, we begin to ask ourselves why our wisdom teeth would come out if we have no room from them? That’s a question we can often find ourselves asking when we’re told they need to be removed. Did we once used them before, and if so for what? Let us find out what theory says about our wisdom teeth.

What’s the theory got to say?

According to the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, our third molars were “helpful to our early ancestors who ate tough, uncooked foods that wore away their teeth.” A theory has it that before our ancestors could cook food with fire, their diet contained more grains and hard food which our molars are needed to grind that resulted in excessive wear. If you think about it, the way our ancestors got their food was through hunting and gathering which they had to take their methods of preserving their leftover food. During a time where we needed more molar energy to break down our food, the extra teeth we got from our wisdom teeth were a great help!  

However, of course, with time, our diet and the way we get our food has changed. Our modern diet has less hard foods and more soft foods we can chew with ease or breakdown with less energy from our molars. Since our food is processed, our food remains “fresh” for longer times than before making it soft to break down with our teeth. Aside from our current diet bringing dental problems, it doesn’t promote the development of our jaw and teeth which is why there is no room for our wisdom teeth when they erupt.

Some people might get lucky and not get their wisdom teeth while others get their wisdom teeth without having to get them removed. But it is rare when it happens, most of the times others have all four wisdom teeth come in at once which can often lead to problems. Over time our jaw structure has adapted to the changes in our current diet and way of gathering food. Having a smaller jaw creates a problem with our wisdom teeth, it can either impact our teeth or block them from erupting. These problems can cause infections due to bacteria growth or discomfort and pain from ramming into another tooth. There is no way of really knowing what complications you can get from wisdom teeth if any.

When do wisdom teeth come in?

Our wisdom teeth begin to erupt around the age of 17 and 21. Visiting the dentist for our annual check-ups ensures our teeth’s health including the development of our wisdom teeth. Through x-rays, your dentist can identify whether you’ve developed your wisdom teeth and if they’re causing dental problems in your mouth. You want to consult with your dentist first to discuss your dental issue, treatment, and costs.

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What theories do you have on why we have third molars we don’t have room for? Let us know in the comments below.

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