5 Different Ideas for Labor Day

I can’t believe that Labor Day is next week. Labor Day is the best because you get great BBQ, fireworks, a day with your family, and some well earned rest. But what if this year, you try something you wouldn’t normally do on labor day? I have compiled 5 things that you could do this Labor Day to make it a little more memorable this year.


Host a Potluck BBQ in Your Neighborhood

You normally have a BBQ for your family and friends. Why not do one for the whole neighborhood? You can make it affordable by doing a random potluck. Don’t worry about making lists or having an idea of all the foods you want at the BBQ. Just invite your neighbors and ask them to try making something new with a letter or flyer with information about a potluck BBQ for the whole neighborhood at your house and ask them to bring something unique. You never know what will show up! You could get a bunch of different kinds of BBQ foods from various cultures, or you could get 20 bags of chips. Either way, this is a good way to connect with your neighbors and help build relationships with those around you.



Try Cooking a New Challenging Food

This idea is easier than the first one because it only involves you and the family. Try selecting a new recipe that you have always wanted to try and cook it with the whole family. I would choose something difficult that takes ingredients that you are not used to using. You get to learn new skills to add to your pallet of cooking abilities and increase the options you can have for dinner in the future.

On allrecipes.com there are a variety of fancy and challenging foods you can try. From Souvlaki to Chicken Tikka Masala, there is a lot of variety to choose from. It would be fun to get the whole family involved so you can all learn something new and spend some time together.


Explore a Cave or Lake You’ve Never Seen

If you don’t get to be outside very much because of school and work, then Labor Day may be the perfect time for an adventure. Caving is really fun and can entertain kids for hours. Just get on Google and search for nearby caves or lakes that you have never visited. The more remote, the better chance you have of avoiding traffic and people. Make sure if you go caving that you check the difficulty of the cave and read reviews. You don’t want to go to a cave that requires ropes and harnesses unless you are skilled in rock climbing and repelling. If Google can’t find any nearby caves, then ask some friends and family for ideas on where to go and create your own little adventure.


Do a Home Improvement Project

You probably want some changes to your house and Labor Day could be the day to start a home improvement project. It is always easier to pay someone to do it for you but take this opportunity to watch Youtube videos and read about the changes you want to make. It’s a good time to learn something new! Try to pick something that your whole family can work on. If you don’t like the hand rail going downstairs maybe it’s time to replace it. Let the kids help take it apart and repaint it or drill the holes for the new one. If you have a lot of members in the family, you can take on something more challenging like repainting the patio or painting the fence in the yard. I’m sure that you don’t want to take up the entire day you have off to work on the house so make it a project that you can all work on together and finish within a few hours. You get to check another item from your large to-do list, and your kids got to learn something new. Sounds like a win-win!


Volunteer at an Animal Shelter (if one is open)

If you have a few local animal shelters in your town, it is always an excellent idea to try and volunteer if they are open. A lot may not be open but if you can find one that is, take the family to the shelter and spend some time with the animals. Volunteer to take the dogs for a walk or play fetch in the unfenced dog area by the shelter. I rescued a German Shepherd last year, and I learned so much about the benefits the dogs receive by getting out of the kennels for a day. You can play with the cats and make new friends. Some shelters will allow you to take the dog on day hikes so if you are hiking up to a lake you can volunteer to take a dog with you! Who knows, you may even love one of the animals so much that you leave with a new member of the family.

I hope that these unique ideas helped you plan something exciting for your soon-to-be three day weekend. I figured I would try to help make Labor Day a little less predictable this year with these ideas. Trying something new is always exciting and helps break us out of our comfort zone which is healthy.

Do you have any other unique ideas for this upcoming Labor Day?

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