End of Summer Activities

5 Things To Do Before Summer Ends

Summer season is coming to an end which means the cold season is on the way preventing us from enjoying the warm weather and activities you can do during the summer. Even though summer can be hot and humid, it lends its beautiful sunny weather for activities and adventures you otherwise wouldn’t do for the cold season where you’re packing layers to stay warm.

Summer, like spring, opens doors to many activities you can partake in to create bonds and many memories. What can else can you do before fall? Here are five things you can enjoy all while doing it outdoors where you can get some fresh air and some vitamin D.   

Watch Movie At The Drive-In

The drive-in is the perfect summer activity to do before the heat starts to creep up on us. Drive-in is hard to find in big cities, and they’re a nostalgia of the time when you would pull in front of a big screen with your family, friends, or partner. Go out and enjoy the summer breeze as you watch a movie before there stops being drive-in theaters.

Go To A County Fair

Summer is the time where fairs come into town! This another piece of nostalgia from a time were county fairs where the family fun, friends night out, or date night. Why not spend the night going through the maze of mirrors, going on the tallest Ferris wheel, or scream going up and down the roller coasters. The best part of the fair is the fair food, not the healthiest, but they are delicious such as the popcorn cones, the funnel cakes, and the ice creams. Not to mention the games you get to play for the stuffed bear you want for yourself, child, or your partner.

Getaway To The Lake

The beach during the summer is a nightmare with overcrowding people finding room to lay camp in and having a dip in the sea. Planning a small getaway to the lake can offer some seclusion from the crowds to have more space to stretch out on. Plus you get the best of both worlds, the water, the mountains and the nature of the woods and the creatures found in them. It is often less expensive experience than the beach.

Enjoy An Outdoor Concert

Concerts are a great experience to indulge in especially when you’re seeing your favorite band, singer or duo. Spring and summer is the time where outdoor concerts and festivals are the most common and popular where you can let loose in a space where you’re granted more mobility than an auditorium and venue would allow. Experience the fun of meeting others and having fun outdoors hearing some great music; you don’t get that pleasure in other cold seasons.

Camping Getaway

For those who love the great outdoors and detaching from the rest of the world, camping might be the summer activity you are looking for. There is more to camping than setting your tent, eating smores, and hiking, you can go out to the water and kayak, swim or stargaze in the night. Camping is great for connecting with nature and hear the creatures sing at night. Besides, you wouldn’t have to worry about temperatures dropping too low since it’s still summer.

There is so much to do before the summer ends and fall to begin. Before the season ends with the warm temperatures, delight in the experiences you can share with your family and friends. What are some of your favorite things to do before the fall season, tell us in the comments below?     


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