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Check out 7 ways to Maximize Your Dental Benefits!

We say goodbye to 2017 and Hello 2018! You know what that means? New Year, NEW DENTAL BENEFITS from your Insurance Company!

Start your year off by knowing how to maximize your dental insurance benefits by using them as a resource tool for optimal oral health. Keep your smile, bright, healthy and youthful looking by practicing good oral health habits!

Every year most dental insurances reset, allowing you a specific dollar amount to use towards dental work this year. These amounts typically range from $1000-$2000. We are here to help you find out how you can start making use of them as soon as possible!

We know dental treatments are expensive and can be discouraging if you need treatment with limited funds to pay for it and you’ve hit your dental insurance max. Lack of insurance benefits and costly treatment, if not planned out can lead to needed dental work left incomplete.

Not anymore! We’re here with some helpful tips to give you to make the best out of your dental benefits. Don’t sacrifice your smile or dental health, take advantage of planning for your future dental needs while utilizing all of your insurance benefits.

Here are 7 Tips for you this year:

1. Review Dental Benefits

We highly recommend our patients know what is covered by their dental insurance package. Asking for more information on your insurance plan from your insurance carrier can help determine what it’s included in your benefits. It keeps you informed about what your insurance will cover and what you’ll have to pay out-of-pocket. It is beneficial to know what covered services you do have, and what non-covered services you might elect to have. When you see these two things, you can financially prepare for and filter your dental benefits to those specific procedures that are covered.

2. Find A Dentist
Looking for a dentist to care for you and your family can be difficult to choose and picking a dentist that accepts your insurance can play a role in your decision. Not all dentist take or are participating providers with insurances so we recommend finding a dentist you can trust and that your insurance will reimburse. Finding a preferred provider, meaning a dentist who is contracted and accepts your insurance companies fees within your insurance will save you time and money as you won’t have to pay more money out-of-pocket expenses.

3. Ensure Your Family Is Active
Often, insurance companies systems are not updated promptly. Untimely processing and system updates can sometimes leave gaps in your coverage or show no coverage for you or your family. It’s essential that you are keeping your records as up to date as possible to avoid any prolonging of necessary dental treatment.

4. Use Benefits Early
Plan to use your benefits early in the year! This is important to consider as some insurance companies have limitations when you can visit a dentist for something as simple as teeth cleanings and exams. Using your benefits early in the year will help you save money and make the most out of your dental benefits. Don’t let money go to waste and lose out on your benefits that’ll keep your smile healthy. Many times, people waited until the end of the year to complete and recommended dental treatment. In a mad rush to utilize all your benefits, you end up losing them due to procrastination. The end of the year is one of the busiest times in a dental office, with reduced hours for holiday time, many people miss out on the opportunity to complete their dental treatment and end up paying more the following year.

5. Regular Dental Check-ups
Not only will you be able to prevent further dental conditions from worsening but you’ll maintain a healthy smile. Keeping regular check-ups will ensure you are making the most out of your dental benefits and using them. You won’t miss out on treatment or dental coverage!

6. Splitting Treatment
If the end of the year is coming and you’re in need of significant treatment, break your treatment between this year and the new year. Reduce your out-of-pocket money by maximizing your dental benefits towards the end of the year and finishing treatment in the new year. Take advantage of your benefits the best way possible with the help of your dentist and care coordinator to find you better financial options.

7. Use Coverage Before They Expire
Don’t wait until last minute to use your dental benefits! Use them throughout the year to get the most out of them and to maintain a healthy smile. Most dental insurance have restrictions on when and how many times you can get yearly exams. We want to make sure you are using all your benefits. Don’t waste money and lose out on a healthy smile!

We want you to familiarize yourself with your dental insurance, so you’re better aware of how to use your dental benefits as a resource tool. Knowing what your dental insurance will pay for will allow you to plan dental treatments and find better financial options to continue treatment or proceed with the treatment you need.

Remember every year your dental benefits expire and reset. Don’t miss out this year! Get ready to use your dental insurance to continue treatment or get the treatment you need. Maintaining a healthy smile is vital to your overall health, and we want you to receive the best dental care you deserve without having to be a burden on the financial side of treatment. Start getting the treatment you deserve by calling our offices for more information, questions or concerns you might have.

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