Does your child have Medicaid?

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Did you know that A Kid’s Place Dentistry and The Center of Dental Professionals accepts Medicaid?
We are one of the few offices in the Salt Lake Valley that does, and we are always accepting new patients!
You may or may not have heard of upcoming changes to your benefits if you are a Medicaid recipient whose plan is administered by either State Medicaid or Premier Access and we wanted to let you know, your benefits have gotten better!
Utah State Medicaid and Premier Access Medicaid now covers children’s dental cleanings, exams and flouride 4 times a year. Yes, 4 TIMES PER YEAR! That means that your child can receive a cleaning every 3 months and it will be covered by insurance!
This is an amazing shift to enabling us to provide excellent dental care and keep mouths cavity free by focusing on early detection.
If you would like additional information on your new benefits or would like help discovering who your administrator is, please give us a call today!
Contact us to schedule your child’s cleaning today at 801-747-8000!
We look forward to hearing from you.

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