Ginger Essential Oil

Start Prepping For Fall With Ginger Essential Oil

It’s the middle of August which means September is almost here with the fall season! Even though fall doesn’t come into the ends of September, getting ready for the season is the best part of decorating and creating a festive house, room, or office. Changing the flowers for the pumpkins and green leaves for the warm brown hues and vibrant reds and oranges is a start to prepping for the season and holidays to come.

But we can’t forget the aroma of fall; the smell is such a big part of our senses which affects our mind. With scent, we can replay memories, change our moods, and enhance the taste. One of the ways you can start preparing for the fall is adding flavor to the air. How? By diffusing essential oils together or one at a time. One is always better to get started which is why we’ve chosen to highlight ginger essential oil.

Ginger is commonly grown in warmer climates found in India, China, and other similar weather. The root of the plant known as ginger root or ginger is a widely used spice and often used as a traditional remedy to reduce inflammation and pain. Ginger essential oil is derived from the ginger root which is gaining popularity in usage.

Benefits of Ginger Essential Oil

Ginger on its own adds flavor to our foods and helps reduce inflammation when we intake it in small quantities so imagine what the essential can do! There are 3 perks to using ginger essential oil in your surrounding spaces.

#1 Boost Mood

Ginger, even though it is a spice, does not have a smell that’s irritating to our eyes, nose, or throat. On the contrary, it has a sweet aroma waking warm emotions and empowering confidence. We’re not guaranteed a fantastic every day, but sometimes it’s nice to come into a room a feel a change of air.

#2 Reduces Inflammation And Pain  

Inflammation, severe inflammation, in our bodies can be caused by an injury or medical condition, whatever the case it isn’t always the best situation to be in especially if you’re in pain. Ginger oil can be applied onto the skin with a carrier oil to help reduce the inflammation and pain. Maybe you don’t like taking pills or accustoming your body to painkillers if that’s the case, then try something natural for external use.

#3 Nourishes Hair

Our hair is a very delicate thing, and if we don’t provide it with nutrients, it can begin to lose its shine, moisture, and healthy look. Ginger is an excellent way of promoting hair growth while restoring your hair to its smooth, lustrous glow. A few drops in your shampoo will give you back the shine you need and even get rid of dandruff.

Start prepping for the fall season with the sweet, spicy aroma of the ginger oil. You’ll feel a confidence and mood booster when you smell the ginger in the air whether it’s in your office or home. Get the benefits of the ginger root besides adding flavor to your food but giving back some nutrient to your hair and alleviate any pain caused from the soreness in your body. If you’re interested in buying ginger essential oil, check out DoTerra ginger oil. What are some of your favorite essential oils to use and why?

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