Groom’s, Here’s a Guide To Helping A Stressed-Out Fiancée

Getting married is such an incredible event in your life I bet that you want everything to go smoothly. And as much as you want everything to be perfect your wife wants everything to be perfect probably ten times more than you do! With the desire of perfection can come a lot of stress. I figured I would create a guide for helping your Fiancée when her stress level is through the roof.


Be Patient

A girl normally spends her entire life thinking about this one day. From a young age, girls see weddings and movies with characters that look beautiful and deeply in love and they want that for themselves. I mean who doesn’t? With a lot of the girls in my family it seemed that “How to Lose A Guy In 10 Days” was the movie that sparked excitement to fall in love in eventually get married. Try to remember this when they are stressing out. It may help with being more understanding of the pressure they are feeling and fighting about things is only going to make it worse. Nobody likes someone nagging them or complaining when they are feeling stressed and I doubt your future wife feels any different.


Relieve Stress

If you both are stressed out and need a break from the constant struggle of wedding planning, it’s not a bad idea to get some exercise. It sounds simple, but one of my favorite quotes is “exercise is the least used anti-depressant.” It would probably be beneficial to do something together so you guys can hang out alone and get away from the planning. Let this time be for you guys to relax and de-stress together. Do something like go for a run or hike, get out and get that heart pumping. If you don’t usually exercise, you should give it a try. When life gets difficult or stressful, exercise can provide you with incredible benefits and help you increase mood and confidence.


Offer Help

You may have already tried offering help and if you have, continue to do so. When she starts a new project like getting flowers or the cake, offer your assistance because she may have to many projects going on at once which is making her feel overwhelmed. If you haven’t offered your help yet, you probably should start. Think back to a time when you were stressed out. It may have been doing homework or working on a difficult problem at work. You probably received some help from someone who knew what they were doing. If you didn’t receive any help, you probably wish that you did. Your partner may be feeling the same way. Even if you are sure that she will say no, the support you are offering her will make her feel better.


Give a Little Gift

A lot of people love receiving little gifts! It doesn’t have to be anything expensive of course. Just something small to remind her of how much you love her. Try to make it something that relates to an important time in your relationship. The more meaningful the gift the happier she will be and it can be a reminder of the love that you have for each other. Some ideas are a framed picture of you guys, a date to where you had your first date, bath bombs, and even a box of chocolates that she loves would be a good gift. Sugar gives you a boost of energy and who doesn’t love chocolate?


Ask For Advice

When you are unsure what to do its always a good idea to go to parents. They have already experienced what you are going through so they will have a better understanding of how to help. Get some advice from your parents on what to do and also ask her parents what to do if you don’t have any good ideas on how to help her. They raised her so they know a few tips and tricks that you may not know.


Shine Light on What Truly Matters

What truly matters is that you both love each other. You both want to be apart of each others lives for the rest of your time here on earth. it’s a beautiful thing and at the end of the day that is what matters most. A wedding day is important but not as important as the love that you have for each other. If the wedding is getting between you both and causing a lot of issues then reminding yourselves of what is really important is what matters, not this one day. Don’t let one day ruin a lifetime of happiness.


To end this article, I just want to say congratulation!

Marriage is a big stepping stone to the rest of your life. Finding someone you love and getting to spend every day with them sounds like a dream come true. It’s the people in your life that will make you happy. Not all the things you buy or the nice cars you own. But experiences with people you love and creating memories is what will matter in the end.

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If you are reading this and have any additional tips that have worked for you, let us know in the comments so we can add and update this post!

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