Natural Solutions For Teething Babies

Babies are cute! They have little fingers and toes and chubby faces; its hard to not love holding an adorable baby! However, like all good things in life, babies come with challenges. One of those challenges is teething.

Your poor drooling, cranky, tired baby just wants some relief from the uncomfortable process of teething. Also, you as a parent are probably dreaming of a full nights sleep and some relaxation. So I did some digging to see what natural remedies work for a teething baby so the both of you can get a better nights sleep tonight! Let’s get started!


Natural Remedy #1 Cold Foods & Washcloths

Cold can mean a large variety of things, and it’s simple! On the blogger talks about how a frozen washcloth is a favorite for many parents. Other cold remedies are chilled applesauce, yogurt, frozen vegetables, and even fruit popsicles. Just make sure that your baby does not choke or try to swallow something they shouldn’t be eating like a washcloth!

Natural Remedy #2 A Clean Adult Finger

That’s right! A simple, clean human finger can help a teething baby. I noticed this with my niece when she was teething. At first, I thought it was weird to let a baby gnaw on my finger, but it started to make sense because our puppies did the same thing. At, they talk about how babies can gnaw on everything from furniture to siblings! Have you ever had a baby just latch on to your arm and chew on you with their gums? It’s because chewing helps apply pressure to gums and can relieve the pain.

Natural Remedy #3 Chamomile

Wellnessmama states that “Chamomile is naturally calming and helps relax nerves and soothe pain. I am never without chamomile in my home. There are several ways you can use chamomile to soothe teething pain.” There are different ways to apply chamomile, but the best is to put some on your finger and rub in on your child’s gums.

Natural Remedy #4 doTERRA Oils

When using essential oils for babies, you need to make sure you dilute it. DoTERRA says “when you have a teething infant, dilute Clove, essential oil with fractionated coconut oil and rub in on their gums.” If you want to purchase these oils, you can find them here.

Natural Remedy #5 Teething Toys

Okay, okay. So these are not the most natural remedies on earth, but they still help with chewing and discomfort. At they have a list of toys that you can buy that are safe for babies with links to Amazon! Everything from wooden teethers to vibrating teethers. Check it out to see if any of those toys are something your child would like!

At the end of the day, we care about our babies and want to help them be as comfortable and happy as possible. We hate to see them cry and would do anything to help them. I hope that some of these remedies work for you and that you can find some peace and quite from the crying and struggle that comes with a teething baby. If you enjoyed this article, give it a like or share on Facebook, or forward it to some friends who may enjoy it!

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