Need Dentures? Financing Options Made Easy!

After your visit to the dentist, if the question you are asking yourself is NOT whether you need dentures, over-dentures or dental implants BUT RATHER how you will be able to afford treatment, then this article is just for you!

Financing dental work can be overwhelming, but if an effective plan is implemented it doesn’t have to be! There are many financial options available to get the smile you deserve, from easy financing with personal loans, cash discounts, insurance contributions and deciding whether or not you need a specialist will all influence YOUR bottom-line. First, let’s review your options:

• Partial Denture
o Private Pay Discounted Cost: $683 for top; $686 for bottom
o Regular Cost:$$975 for top; $980 for bottom
o Keep in Mind: Partial dentures only replace a few missing teeth and are mostly cosmetic in nature.

• Immediate Dentures
o Private Pay Discounted Cost:$961 for top; $961 for bottom
o Regular Cost:$1420 for top; $1420 for bottom
o Specialist: $1846 for top; $1846 for bottom
o Keep in Mind: Since impressions are taken before teeth are extracted, this denture option is not fitted exactly to your mouth and you may need to come in for adjustments in the future. However, you do not have to go with no teeth for 6 weeks, as you do with the complete denture.

• Complete Dentures
o Private Pay Discounted Cost: $880 for top; $880 for bottom
o Regular Cost: $1430 for top; $1430 for bottom
o Specialist Cost: $1859 for top; $1859 for bottom
o Keep in Mind: You usually have to wait for 6 weeks between having any remaining teeth extracted and an impression taken, before the final delivery of the denture. PLUS SIDE: Custom made dentures fit comfortably in your mouth with minimal discomfort.
• Overdentures (plus 2 implants & abutments)
o Regular Cost: $6285 for top; $6285 for bottom
o Specialist Cost: $8171 for top; $8171 for bottom
o Keep in Mind: This is a perfect denture! It’s almost like having natural teeth once again. You don’t have to take it out since the implants secure the denture in your mouth, which allows you to eat the foods that you love again (corn on cob anyone?).

o NOTE: Extraction fees range from a discounted fee of $158 to $225 (normal & specialist fee) per tooth.
Unfortunately, seniors are more likely to suffer from dental problems. Ill-fitting dentures often create: jaw pain, mouth sores, require the routine use of denture pads, click, whistle, slip or cause chewing to be painful, slur speech, create the appearance of extra wrinkles around your mouth, or make you feel uncomfortable about your appearance. All of these factors make it increasingly difficult to eat a healthy diet, enjoy the foods you love and live life to its fullest. If you currently wear dentures, it is important to have them evaluated on a regular basis, as bone and gums may shrink over time, causing your dentures to become lose and uncomfortable. You cannot correct the fit of your dentures by using more and more denture adhesive!

However, dentists understand that dental treatment can be expensive, but you do have options to get the care you need! Here is a plan of action to get you back on track for the smile you deserve:
1. Schedule a consultation with a dentist or specialist; many providers offer this service free of charge.
2. Discuss your treatment options with your dentist and decide on the best treatment option available. Once this is decided a financial treatment coordinator can discuss payment options.
3. Explore financing options, for example: CareCredit ( is a personal loan option that allows you to pay over 12 months with no interest or choose longer payment plans with a low interest rate of 14.9% applied (up to 60 months if charges exceed $2,500).
4. Discuss in-house payment plans and insurance coverage at this time as well
5. Schedule your appointment and see just how amazing a new set of dentures can be!
The bottom line? Visit your dental professional regularly and discuss your payment options at the time of service! Exhaust all options before having any teeth pulled – once they are gone, you will never get them back and dental discounts, payment plans and personal loans are available. Together, we can find a solution to “get your bite back.”  Call us today at 801-747-8018 to schedule your Consultation.

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  1. I need to know if your office accepts EMI Dental Insurance AND Flexible Spending Cards? I am in need of partial dentures as I have lost mine. You can reach me at 801-833-1846.

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