Places in Downtown Salt Lake City

Places to Explore in Downtown Salt Lake City

Every city has its history and its little wonders to explore which is why cities make the best places to venture out to get a bit of everything. If you’re new to the Downtown area of Salt Lake City or looking for a new adventure, Salt Lake City is a well diverse city that has a lot to offer for everyone whether you’re a historical buff, outdoorsy, or all about art and culture. There is plenty to discover and experience.

We’ve created a list of places you can choose to explore from these 3 categories:  

  • History
  • Outdoors/Nature
  • Entertainment/Arts


  1. Temple Square – Although it is a sacred and religious site, it is the focal point and rich in history when it comes to Downtown Salt Lake City. It is one of the oldest temples which is headquarters for members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. They welcome all visitors interested in their architectural building and who want to learn about Mormon religion, history, or programs. They have free tours of Temple Square, or you can enjoy walking around the grounds.
  2. Family History Library – It houses the most extensive genealogical records of more than 2 billion deceased people. They offer classes and workshops on how to utilize their facilities such as computer systems and records. They provide an experience to research and gain knowledge of our ancestry through their records, guides, and onsite assistance.  
  3. Pioneer Memorial Museum – I know this is a museum, but everything has a historical context. It is the largest artifact collection of the first white settlers in Utah. This museum contains departments with a collection of written artifacts, historical artifacts, information, and memorabilia which share and preserve the history and culture of Utah and Salt Lake City.


  1. Red Butte Garden – although, not located in downtown, it’s a beautiful botanical garden located on the grounds of the University of Utah. Any botanist or visitor who’s wanting to spend their time exploring the different ecosystems of plants or walk the trails of the garden. In addition to being a botanical garden, it is an arboretum and amphitheater. During the summer, they host concerts for the public to enjoy and have fun dancing too.
  2. International Peace Gardens – this another botanical garden which was conceived in the late 1930s. It’s part of Utah’s history and is a representation of many international gardens in one such as a Japanese garden to German gardens. A beautiful place to transport you into the nature found in other countries.
  3. Utah’s Hogle Zoo – visit the zoo where you can hold the recreation of nature before you. The Hogle zoo has diverse exhibits of various international ecosystems from Africa and Asia. Visits the exhibits they offer year-round in addition to their annual events and special events they house.  
  4. Ensign Peak – want to go for a hike, picnic, or catch a glimpse of the city, then visit Ensign peak. It is a small peak viewing the city from behind the capitol. Enjoy the sunset or early dawn, don’t go when the hot.


  1. Eccles Theater – opened up about two years ago and hosts touring Broadway shows, social events, and concerts. Want to catch a play or comedy shows look for entertainment in this new theater Salt Lake City has to offer.
  2. Utah’s Museum of Contemporary Art – visit the only art museum in Utah for contemporary art, it houses 6 galleries which display local, national and international artwork from artists. Visit and learn about the modern artists of Utah while enjoying the artwork of its predecessors.
  3. Capitol Theater – an oldie but goodie, this theater has been around since 1913. Capitol Theater hosts various performances year round from opera, dance, theater, music, and films. It is home to Ballet West and Utah Opera.
  4. The Depot – if you’re looking for a more intimate, live music experience then this the place for you. It is part of the Union Pacific Station and not appropriate for all ages as this is a place for 21 years old and up. Enjoy the intimate experience with the performers and the audience.

I know there is more to Salt Lake City especially the downtown area but here are just a few the places you can begin your exploration. Discover the city, become a city dweller and experience the new adventures it can offer you. What are some of your favorite places to go for fun, entertainment, adventure, or peace in Salt Lake, tell us in the comments below?

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