Provider Highlight: Dr. Devin Burns

For October, we are happy to introduce you to one of our new providers who joined our team this past July. The short time Dr. Devin Burns has been with us, he continues to put his patients comfort first.

Dr. Burns interest in pursuing a career in dentistry stemmed from his enjoyment of helping others and working with his hands. He went on to attend and graduate from the University of Utah School of Dentistry, then shortly afterward furthered his training in a one year oral and maxillofacial surgery internship at John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, Texas.

Although he is a general dentist, he limits his practice to oral surgery procedures. Here at The Center of Dental Professionals, Dr. Burns is one of our specialists who you can find performing wisdom teeth removal. One of the common problems he sees in his area of specialty is people waiting to get wisdom teeth removed. Waiting until you are older to remove them can lead to infection or surgical complications. Dr. Burns recommends getting your wisdom teeth evaluated by age 14 since the ideal time for removal is during your late adolescent years (14 to 18).

Through his years of experience, it had helped him avoid complications and provide his patients with greater comfort as they undergo oral surgery.

Outside the office, you can find Dr. Burns in great outdoors either hiking, camping, spearfishing, or spending time with his family. One of his achievements he is the proudest of is being a father and husband.


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