Dr. Donald G. Tapp

Provider Spotlight: Dr. Donald G. Tapp

This month we would like to extend our welcome to one of our highly professional providers who understands the impact and transformation orthodontics has on a patient’s life.

Dr. Donald G. Tapp is an orthodontist whose expertise lies in straightening patient’s bite and smile. He knows there is no greater professional satisfaction than to watch his patients find a greater sense of self-confidence through the transformation of their smile.

The biggest problem he sees among his patients having too much space between the teeth or not having enough room also known as crowding. In addition to teeth misalignment, some patients have jaw problems where their jaws don’t appropriately match. To correct these dental problems braces are needed.

Braces allow our teeth to move into place to make a beautiful smile and, if a patient has jaw problems, the use of elastic bands along with braces can help our jaws match. This is especially true if the child is still growing. Dr. Tapp’s preferred method to align teeth and jaws are conventional braces or commonly known as traditional braces which allow kids to have fun changing the colors.

Dr. Tapp earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Medical Biology from the University of Utah then, went to Creighton University for Dental School where he received his Doctor of Dental Surgery. He completed his Master’s Degree and a 2-year residency in Orthodontics from Marquette University. He has a love and passion for orthodontics that he’s made it his hobby and vocation for the past 20 years and continuing.

When he is not in the office, you can find Dr. Tapp reading biographies or nonfiction stories. He loves aviation particularly small aircraft and aviation history. But he most enjoys spending as much time as possible with his five sons.


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