Provider Spotlight: Dr. Hyrum Cannon

Meet one of our family providers, Dr. Hyrum Cannon who strives to make every patients’ visit a comfortable and less stressful.

Dr. Cannon is a general dentist that works closely with both adults and children as their primary dental provider. He diagnoses, treats, manages the overall oral health of his patients by meeting their dental needs with preventative methods.

One of the most common dental problems Dr. Cannon sees in his patients is dental caries (tooth decay). If the decay is small he can fix it with a filling; however if it has been left untreated, it can lead to tooth loss. He takes great pride in delivering quality treatment which is why he gives an overall, comprehensive treatment so current and future treatment needs can be addressed.

One of the joys Dr. Cannon enjoys is helping his patients feel at ease when it’s time for their visit. He works hard and diligently to make every patient feel comfortable and leave feeling better off than when they came in. One of his favorite things his patients’ can say to his is “I didn’t feel that at all” after he has applied local anesthesia. When it comes to his patients, Dr. Cannon is concerned with helping them achieve a beautiful, healthy smile along with their safety and comfort.

He graduated from Magna Cum Laude from the University of Utah then, shortly afterward began his dental career at the University of Iowa. Dr. Cannon has been to a fair part of the U.S. practicing dentistry such as the Bay Area of California. He eventually moved back to his home state, Utah, where he is now working for The Center of Dental Professionals.

He likes anything sports related and food and when he is out of the office, you can see him working out in his garden and most importantly, spending time with his family.

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