Provider Spotlight: Dr. Paul Huffaker

We’re excited to be highlighting one of our family providers, Dr. Paul Huffaker who strives to make his patients visit less anxious and scary.

Dr. Huffaker first started his career as a dental assistant where he experienced first-hand the value of helping patients in need of urgent care. Through his dental assisting experience, he went on to further pursue his dental career by becoming a dentist which he received from Roseman University.

Since then, he has come to appreciate many aspects of dentistry, but one of his favorite aspects is his patients, making him a great family dentist. He is a firm believer in conservative dentistry and working with his patients to customize their treatments. In addition to working with his patients, he strives to make his patient’s experience less scary by helping them ease their nerves.

He tries to give his patients a great experience they can remember and take with them for the next time they visit; they can recall it wasn’t scary. For his patients who are required anesthesia, Dr. Huffaker tries to make the shot as painless as possible for them. The less pain you experience, the better the experience.

A common problem he sees is decay between two teeth. One of the best treatments for decay that’s started is early intervention with a minimal invasive tooth filling. It can help prevent further problems and costly treatment in the future. Decay between the teeth can be usually prevented with regular flossing which dentist continuously encourage every time a patient comes in for their annual check-ups.

When Dr. Huffaker is not working in our office, you can find him in the outdoors camping or kayaking, or hanging out with his family. One of his greatest achievements he is proud of is his four amazing young kids.

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