Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Oral Health

New Toothbrush
It is recommended by Dental Professionals that you replace your toothbrush every three months. Get a fun, electric toothbrush for your child that maybe plays music, or has their favorite character. This will help to give them a fun brushing experience!
Xylitol Chewing Gum
We all love to have fresh breath throughout the day, and gum is always a fun treat! This one is a win-win because you will also feel great about giving them a healthy sweet.
**Be careful with Xylitol gum as it is poisonous to dogs**
Flavored Floss
Try a fun, silly flavor with your kids, whatever it takes to get them flossing! There are such crazy, fun new flavors now, such as cinnamon, waffle, cupcake, or even bacon!
Clementine or Orange
Fruit is always a healthier alternative to candy. These are a tradition in many households. Oranges were once a rare treat and were meant as a very special gift during the Great Depression!
Fun Toothbrush Holder
There are tons of fun toothbrush holders! You could order one with their favorite character to match their new toothbrush, or one of their favorite sports teams, or even their favorite animal! It is a fun, personalized and affordable gift.
Dental Books
We love books that help to teach children the importance of oral hygiene and health. There are even some fun books that help your child learn about teeth traditions in other cultures. Check out some of the links on our Facebook page for some of our favorite child-friendly books about oral hygiene.
Sports Mouthguard
Mouth guards are essential if your child plays sports! Whether it be football, soccer, basketball or lacrosse. Mouth guards should be worn during practices and games to protect your child’s beautiful smile. Contact us today to get your child a fitted mouth guard!

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