Tea bags can be used for what?!

Have you recently had any tooth extractions? Will you be getting any tooth extractions soon? You dont want to scroll through this blog!


Did you know that tea bags can help stop bleeding in soft tissue? Yes, tea bags! Who would have thought that something so simple could have so many uses!

After any tooth extraction, mild bleeding may occur. In most individuals, bleeding can be controlled and stopped by placing a gauze pad over where the tooth was extracted from. You will want to bite down and apply pressure to the gauze pad. If bleeding does not stop, there is another solution – tea bags! Place a damp tea bag into the mouth over the extraction site. Tea bags should be used the same as a gauze pad would be, applying constant pressure to it in the mouth. Black tea bags have Tannic Acid in them which works to help clot blood and subside the bleeding.


For the first day after an extraction has been made, avoid hot foods. The hot temperatures will make you bleed. By icing your mouth, it helps to reduce bleeding as well as swelling of the face and cheeks.


If you have recently gotten any extractions and are still experiencing bleeding, please contact our office at 801-747-8016.

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