The Beautiful Impact of a Working Mom

Working moms are basically the equivalent of the superheroes you see in the movies. They have what seems like an everlasting endurance to not only work one full-time job but also work full-time at home. They have the strength to pick up their kids and love them with open arms, even after a full day’s work. There have been incredible stories of mothers lifting cars to save a child and even one story in 2006 of a mother fighting off a polar bear to rescue her kid. So yeah, basically super human strength. Exhausted when they walk through the door, they still have the quickest reflexes catching falling toys, spoons, forks, and even food. When everyone else in the house gets sick days, and get to lay in bed; mom is magically resistant to the bed even when she is just as sick as everyone else. But we all know it’s not magic. Driven by love, working moms can do things that seem inhuman.

Working moms have the ability to supervise a bunch of people at the office ensuring that goals are met and production is thriving. These same super humans’ then go home and manage a jungle of little people that don’t understand basic survival. While the rest of us generally get two days off a week, working moms are working 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They don’t get breaks. They are semiprofessional chefs, teachers, budgeting experts, laundry experts, and still have time to help give baths, read bedtime stories, and make time for their sidekick, dad.


The Perfect Role Model

A working mom does more than just works at her job and home. She is a powerful role model for her family. The things you working moms don’t see is how your child watches what you do. Your little boys and girls watch how you work. They don’t fully understand why you are gone all day or the work that you are doing, but they know you are doing it for them. As your kids grow into teenagers, they tend to watch less and talk more. They know everything and are never wrong. But you already know that; you were a teenager once. You watch them make the mistakes you made and help them when they need you. Just like your mom did.

As your child grows into a young adult, they have watched you over the course of their entire life working hard and caring for them. You are the positive role model in their life and the lead stepping stone into their future. You teach them the value of money and hard work. All while hoping that they have a better life than the one you had. A truly selfless act of love and a role model of compassion and hard work. When they begin to start their own families, they will come to you for help. I personally believe that I won’t truly understand what my mom had to sacrifice until I have kids of my own. For some of your children, this may be the first time they realize how much you did sacrifice and how you magically ran the family and a job at the same time, on a budget, while trying to fulfill our dreams.


Being the Example for Our Future

As a working mom, you are the example of hard work and dedication that comes with family. Every day you are the example that your children see. Your kids want to be like you when they grow up, and they watch your habits to see what you do. When you work as hard as you do, you are showing your family an example of what love looks like. You are teaching them to work hard in school, work hard in life, work smart, and that they will be successful. But even more important than success is the true happiness that comes from family.

Without knowing it, you are influencing the future leaders of companies, cities, and governments. You are showing your child how to be a leader by working for those you love and the values you have. What you are doing now is going to have a direct impact on the future of their families, friends, careers, and for some even the country. The working mom is incredibly important. You have a lot of stress, you’re tired, and at times you even want to give up. But you don’t. Somehow you keep on pushing through and doing what you need to do to ensure you family gets where they want to be. Without the working mom, dreams would be lost, opportunities would be missed, and kids grow up without examples. So thank you for what you do.


Beautiful is Wrinkles, Stretchmarks, and Achy Backs

I can’t think of anything more beautiful than sacrificing everything you have for someone you love. For the working mom, that means a few extra wrinkles, some stretch marks, and a really achy back. But you do it to help your children achieve their dream life. You probably see celebrities on tv or Facebook and wish you looked like them or wish you had the time to be like them. But then life throws you a beautiful moment you weren’t expecting that makes all the difference. That moment makes the extra wrinkles and achy back all worth it. The time that you see your child grow because of your example. My mother said it’s moments like this that make all the work she has done worth it.

A working mom is the most beautiful thing on this planet. A women dedicated to her family and working to help her child fulfill their dreams over the course of a lifetime is far more attractive than any physical feature. A life filled with purpose and love that never ends.

As the child of working mothers, I saw at times that she felt like she was not doing enough at home. Thinking the house could have been cleaner and dreaming of a life where she could watch us come home from school. A woman who felt like she was letting down her co-workers by not doing enough or having to miss work to come pick up me at school because I was feeling sick. She wanted to be there for all of our little life moments, but also had to help provide for us. If you as a working mom have ever felt that you are not doing enough at home or work, please know that you are. What you are doing is something incredible and is very difficult to achieve. But you do it. Every. Single. Day. If you don’t believe that you are, please watch this video.

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